early days


Here at TeamRosin llc.

We see ourselves leading the future of solventless extracts. Our family owned and ran company has developed the largest industrial grade rosin press on the market. We are currently working tirelessly to develop and invent new and game changing products for cannabis industry. Come join our team and share in our journey to the top.


Our Story

The story of TeamRosin starts with me Brandon Olsen. I was raised in milwaukie Oregon by two wonderful parents. My father started teaching me to understand mechanics at a very young age and as I got older he steered me toward being a builder. The pictures to the left are from high school when my passion for building things started. For several years after high school I worked in industry jobs, manufacturing all sorts of things, picking up skills from every opportunity. In late 2009 I entered the Oregon’s medical cannabis program taking a break from manufacturing Industry. I spent the next six years learning all the amazing things cannabis could do including help heal my lyme disease.  Late 2015 I started hearing about rosin, and I was very interested. I searched the market and realized no one was making a press I would buy so I decided to build my own. After 5 months of testing and prototypes we settled on the first version of our 50 ton unit. And with the demand from that first press it sparked my builder side and TeamRosin llc was created by putting together two of my passions.