RP-5000 Commercial Rosin Press

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The RP-5000 Commercial Rosin Press

Team Rosin’s power house press nicknamed by customers as “50 tons of fun.” This is the largest production press on the market to date.

Our 50 ton press can press up to 150 grams of flower material at once with no loss in color or yield. It can press even more If you pressing sift or water concentrates. Our 50 ton press was designed for farms and processors to take their products to the next level.

Rosin Press Description

Designed Engineered and built in the USA, not simply slapping a sticker on a Chinese imported product not meant for use in the cannabis rosin production industry,

The Frame: Industry first frame designed off of a “cherry picker” or engine stand. Team Rosin welds are designed to not bear the burden of weight making them stronger and longer lasting. Powder coated paint designed to withstand heat, and not leach chemicals into product or the production environment. Heavy duty casters to allow for easy and safe transport around the production facility.

Pressing Plates: Aircraft grade aluminum. Dual heaters. HTRT technology. Industry leading design purpose built to prevent the leaching of hazardous materials from the plates to the rosin.

Controllers: Dual PIDs to ensure the best possible temperature control through the entire rosin press process. Pre-tested, pre-calibrated, designed with easy to use buttons for adjusting temps for maximum terp production when you switch between strains. Backlit color LEDs to clearly present temperature information.

Hydraulics: 50 ton (100,000 psi) ram and hand pump with easy to read pressure gauge. Designed and tested to ensure maximum pressure or PSI at material, not the ram! No vendors took the time to even consider this before they slapped their sticker on a Chinese press and sold it to you.

The Team Rosin difference:

  • Made in USA
  • Superior Quality
  • Multi Angle Positions
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Better fit and finish for medical/ commercial grade applications


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