What is a Rosin Press?

A Rosin Press is a machine designed to extrude or press out the oil based essence of a plant. In generic terms you are extracting or making a concentrate of the plant, because the green material such as plant walls and chlorophyl are left behind.

flower press

An example of a simple rosin press would be a book that you place flowers or leaves in and set a brick on. Over time the flower dries and the flower is pressed flat. When the flower is removed you will see an oily residue left over, that will capture the smell, medicinal components and essence of the plant.

Today Rosin Presses are used with plants in botanical, medicinal and pharmaceutical applications. Traditionally no heat, or intense pressure was used to create the extracts or concentrates. Read more about traditional rosin.

Now thanks to innovations such as the application of controlled heat, and precise pressure massive increases of rosin yields can be achieved without the use of harsh chemicals, and wasted time.

Today Rosin making is at the forefront of the medicinal cannabis movement. People want concentrates that are pure, clean and produced without harsh petroleum based solvents such as butane.  Designed engineered and purpose built from the ground up to be the most efficient, reliable and best possible return on investment for those producing medical and recreational cannabis products.

Cannabis Industry Rosin Press.

One of the early innovations brought to market by Team Rosin was the use of industrial grade mechanical presses using forces in excess of 2,000 PSI or 50 tons of pressure applied over a surface area of 49 square inches.

What this means is we have created the largest, most efficient and best built mechanical rosin presses available on the market today.

Our primary offerings for those seeking to create large quantities of rosin in a timely manner are the XPress and the RP-5000.

x press rp 5000 rosin press

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